Six of Havana’s Coolest Independent Hotels

Hotel Paseo 206 in Havana

Photo: Paseo 206

Discover Havana's top independent and family-owned hotels, handpicked for their charm and coziness

Planning a Cuban adventure but unsure where to book your home away from home? Look no further; we've assembled a guide to the best hotels in Havana, showcasing an array of independent, family-run hotels that outshine their larger counterparts.

These select spots are at the forefront of the city's creative renaissance and promise a blend of comfort, character, and the kind of personal service that only smaller establishments can provide. Discover your ideal retreat and let your Havana story unfold in style.

Residencia Albero Dulce in Havana

Photo: Residencia Albero Dulce

1. Residencia Albero Dulce

Residencia Albero Dulce is not your typical hotel, but a casa particulares that offers an immersive Cuban living experience. This inviting homestay houses three individual rooms, crafted for comfort and quiet. The standout 'Tropical Suite' allows for a serene environment, perfect for those who want to mix downtime with some focus time, against the natural backdrop of the property's gardens.


The in-house dining experience at “Guara's Kitchen” serves up a variety of local dishes infused with an Italian twist, making the most of garden-grown produce to create meals that cater to all tastes, including vegan and vegetarian options.


Yoga and massage services provide a pathway to tranquility, if you’re seeking a seeking a restorative retreat. Residencia Albero Dulce is the ideal place if you’re looking for a more personalized touch to your Havana adventure.


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Hotel Claxon in Havana

Photo: Hotel Claxon

2. Hotel Claxon

With its doors newly opened, Hotel Claxon presents an homage to classic cars and the timeless elegance of Havana. This recently restored colonial building in the hip neighborhood of Vedado is a stone's throw from the iconic Plaza de la Revolución and offers a tranquil couryard for guests to unwind.


The hotel's rooftop terrace is the perfect spot for for sipping on one of their signature cocktails (we recommend the raspberry daiquiri) and taking in the panoramic views of Havana's pulsating heart.


Within the hotel's walls, Fangio Habana restaurant, directed by Madrid's Michelin-experienced Chef Sergio Hernández Fernández, is a culinary highlight, crafting exceptional dishes with a local twist. The outdoor patio and dining room have quickly become favored spots for local luminaries to gather, reflecting the Hotel Claxon’s role as a crossroads for culture and conversation.


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Paseo 206 in Vedado, Havana

Photo: Paseo 206

3. Paseo 206

A short five-minute walk from the charm of Hotel Claxon, Paseo 206 awaits, poised on the tree-shaded Vedado Avenue. This distinctive Havana hotel echoes the intimate feel of a personal residence, rooted in its 1933 origins and reimagined by a Cuban-Italian family.


Beyond the hotel you can explore the local culture with nearby art galleries, lesser-known museums, and some of Havana's finest dining experiences, all within reach from this stately residence.


Elegance is redefined within its walls, where ten specially curated suites and rooms blend Cuban cultural motifs with the finesse of Italian craftsmanship. The crowning 'Rooftop Suite' offers an expansive, light-filled refuge, ideal for those cherished moments of celebration or contemplation, set against the city's skyline. And with the iconic Malecón just blocks away, you can enjoy the soothing sea breezes drifting inland.


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Malecón 663 Hotel in Havana

Photo: Malecón 663

4. Malecón 663

Looking for the prime spot to wake up in Havana with sweeping sea views? Malecón 663, one of the most visually eclectic hotels in Havana, offers a feast for the senses right along the city's famed coastal boulevard.


It's a place where the Berlin-esque aesthetic interior design—a riot of colors, textures, and repurposed furnishings—delivers a unique visual explosion that's as inspiring as the ocean it overlooks.


Opt for a room with an ocean view, and you'll find Havana's rhythms dancing right before your eyes. This hotel is not only an enclave of quirky design but also a bastion of inclusivity, welcoming the LGBTQ community with open arms and hosting the exuberant queer-friendly event “Sunset Rainbow” every Tuesday on the rooftop terrace.


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Art Boutique Havana

Photo: Art Boutique Havana

5. Art Boutique Havana

Art Boutique Havana offers an intimate escape in the historic heart of the Havana Vieja neighborhood, not quite a casa particular and distinctly smaller than the sprawling hotels.


This four-room property ensures guests receive just the right measure of staff attention, making it a snug fit if you’re one of those who value a personal touch in their travels.


The hotel doubles as an artistic alcove; the corridors are lined with photographic works from local talent, transforming every walk to your room into an impromptu art viewing. These pieces, as captivating as they are diverse, are also available for guests to acquire, allowing a piece of Havana’s ermerging art scene to travel home with you.


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Hacienda El-Patrón near Havana

Photo: Hacienda El-Patrón

6. Hacienda El Patrón

Escape to Hacienda El Patrón, a unique eco-tourism glamping retreat just a 30-minute drive from the heart of Havana. This peaceful haven offers a break from the conventional hotel in Havana, immersing guests in a fresh, green landscape and environment designed to detoxify both body and mind from urban clamor.


Here, the accommodations are glorious glamping tents dotted among the estate's lakes, where privacy and comfort are paramount, featuring amenities like jacuzzis and bathtubs for a dip that matches your mood. Engage in a host of outdoor activities, such as paddleboarding, horseback riding, and kayaking.


Dining is a farm-to-table experience, with ingredients picked from the hacienda's own crops. And if you’re eager to explore Cuban cuisine further, the asado area provides a space to savor local barbecue traditions alongside residents, enriching your culinary adventure.


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Written by Carlos Rojas.


Published December 2023.

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