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From alternative accommodation to bypassing the restrictive internet in Cuba, check out these six essential tips for your trip to Cuba.

Planning a visit to Cuba? The island offers sunny skies and activities year-round. Learn more about its seasons, weather, and cultural calendar.

Here are some of the best safety tips to follow as you enjoy your trip, and use public transportation in Cuba.

Greatest Waterfalls in Cuba

Imagine finding yourself in Cuba, surrounded by an exuberant natural environment - where the vivacious green mountains stretch out into a splendid blue sky - while the fresh Caribbean seabreeze brightens your face. And on this tropical voyage, you discover a land of waterfalls on every corner of the island.

El Nicho waterfall, Sierra de Escambray

Photo: Shutterstock

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Top Four Jazz Clubs in Havana

Cuba’s capital has always enjoyed a lively jazz scene, and has produced legendary musicians. It’s time to visit Havana’s best jazz clubs!

La Zorra Y El Cuervo jazz club, Vedado, Havana

Photo: Alamy

Winter activities and tips!

The Cuban Cigar: Everything You’ll need to know

Learn about the curious and mysterious history of the Cuban cigar, how a Habano is made, and where you can buy quality tobacco like Cohiba cigars.

A Cuban woman with a cigar, Havana

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