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Seven Instagram Accounts That'll Make You Want to Visit Cuba

Countryside house in Cuba

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Want to delve deeper into Cuba's culture, art, and local hotspots? Check out our list of the top 7 Cuban Instagrammers to enhance your Island journey.



Whether you're planning your first trip to Cuba or you've been here before, you might be curious about what's new or undiscovered. Instagram has become a platform for locals in Cuba to share their daily experiences and unique viewpoints. We've handpicked seven of the best Cuban Instagram accounts to serve as your personal insiders guide to the island's culture, nature, cuisine, and much more, offering a diverse array of experiences that will add depth to your Cuban journey.


So, whether you're already exploring the island or just dreaming about it, let's delve into Cuba as seen through the eyes of its locals.


Kickstarting our list is IG CUBA, an Instagram account that shares photos and videos captured by locals and visitors who explore every nook and cranny of the Cuban archipelago daily. From tropical fruit vendors to iconic locations, this account is an excellent starting point for uncovering the wonders of Cuba.




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Et opslag delt af ! IG ⊕ CUBA ® (@ig_cuba)

02. Erick Wayne

Through the lens of Cuban cinematographer Erick Wayne, we experience the emotion of walking the streets of Havana to the rhythm of Cuban music. His Instagram reels offer stunning views of gates and sunsets painted with the warmest colors, portraying a city teeming with life, love, and nostalgia.




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Et opslag delt af Erick Wayne (@erickwayne_vlogs)

03. Ale

If you're drawn to nature, Ale's Instagram account is a must-see. His deep appreciation for the sea and Cuban nature is evident in the stunning content he shares. The warm, blue Caribbean waters lapping at the Island's shores, magnificent birdlife, and the jungle-clad mountains serve as the perfect backdrop for this nature lover's depiction of Cuba's abundant beauty.



04. Amy Naranjo

Young Cuban fashion model and actress Amy Naranjo invites us daily to understand the real essence of contemporary Cuban women through her Instagram account. Her portrayal of strength, self-discovery, and her ability to inspire her followers that anything is possible in life, along with recommendations of places, Cuban customs, and her radiant smile, provide a genuine glimpse of what every Cuban carries within them.




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Et opslag delt af Amy Naranjo (@amy_naranjo_)

05. Norlys Pérez Padrón

Through the eye of the photographer, we delve deeper into the components of everyday life in Cuba. Norlys captures each moment as unique in every portrait under the lights and shadows of his sincere black and white photographs. With few words, we can discover the intimacy of the moment in the eyes of the city's locals.




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Et opslag delt af Norlys Pérez Padrón (@norlysphoto)




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Et opslag delt af Norlys Pérez Padrón (@norlysphoto)

06. Alvaro

No list would be complete without a nod to our culinary delights. If you're looking for reviews and insights into Cuban culinary culture, Alvaro provides real information about his experiences with various dishes and places to enhance your travel experience. From restaurants across the Island to traditional recipes from Cuban cuisine, you can find it all in a simple and quick manner on his account.




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Et opslag delt af Alvaro / Amateur Foodie (@alvarofoodie)

07. Rolando Cabrera

For architecture enthusiasts, the significant role it plays in society can be appreciated through the film rolls of analog photography documented by this young Cuban photographer on his Instagram. The original constructions of Havana city, with their beauty stemming from a mix of baroque, medieval, and modern styles, induced by the cultural processes the country has undergone. His mission to preserve these masterpieces in contemporary times is a wonderful way to enjoy and discover more on your visit to the Caribbean archipelago.




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Et opslag delt af Rolando Cabrera (@elrollodocumental)




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Et opslag delt af Rolando Cabrera (@elrollodocumental)

Written by Carlos Rojas.


Published July 2023.

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