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Five of the Best Beaches in Cuba

Playa Ancón beach near Trinidad

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Escape to the island of Cuba for the best beaches in the Caribbean!

Taking a vacation to Cuba means swimming in crystalline waters, playing in the powdery sands, and absorbing the ultra-Caribbean atmosphere - and the entire island is covered with these scenic locations!


Imagine yourself already enjoying the refreshing seabreeze, the outstanding sunsets, or the Piña Coladas under the shady palm trees. But before you begin to search for the next flights to Cuba, we invite you to discover the best beach destinations to hit this summer on the island.

Varadero beach

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1. Varadero

This natural beauty has no other place than number one on our list. Its nearly transparent waters make it one of the most visited beaches in Cuba. Varadero extends over 20 km along the Hicacos Peninsula - offering its visitors an endless summer and all of the activities on the way. Some adventurous tours include the boat adventure, snorkeling, diving into coralline formations, and navigating through caves to find a massive array of tropical fish.


In the Seafari excursion headed to Cayo Blanco, for example, you'll have the chance to explore the coast by catamaran, practice your swimming skills, and enjoy a fresh Cuban lunch at a ranch on the edge of the beach's tide. Not to mention the tropical fruit cocktails - adding that perfect touch to your tour - with the soundtrack of traditional Cuban music in the background.


Getting there

You can reach Varadero by bus, shuttle, train, or taxi. If you choose to travel by train, bus, or shuttle, it’ll take approximately 3 hours to get there - but if you want a little more privacy and get there faster- taking a taxi will cost around US $120 direct from Havana to Varadero.

Playa Santa Lucía beach Camaguey

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2. Playa Santa Lucía

Moving eastward along the north coast, in the province of Camaguey, we come to rest in the stunning destination of Playa Santa Lucía in Cuba. 19 km of coastal stretch, and an extensive coralline barrier (the second longest extension in the world), make this attractive beach so desirable. Not only can you float atop its warm waters, but also schedule a dive to get personal with the marine flora and fauna - or take a boat ride for some catch-and-release fishing.


Santa Lucia is best defined by its natural beauty and diverse surroundings, which are ideal for fantastic panoramic shots of the Cuban landscape. Living in its coastal region, the largest population of Pink Flamingos in the Caribbean further accentuates this beach's appeal.


Getting there

You can get there by any means - be it by train, air, car, or bus. But, of course, the US $5 train and bus rides from Havana are the most economically attractive.

Cayo Levisa beach

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3. Cayo Levisa

Swinging back west of the island, we find ourselves in one of the best-kept marvels of Cuba. Cayo Levisa is a highly tranquil cay that rests in Pinar del Río.


A stroll along the beach should never go to waste at Cayo. Just gaze past the shimmering waters, into the horizon, and observe how the ocean fades perfectly into the sky - a true delight. Around the area, you'll also discover the Hotel Cayo Levisa, a bungalow lodge with prices starting at US $60 if you want to stay close to its shores. You'll also have access to its restaurants, cafe, bar, and kayak rentals - or rent a boat for a scenic ride in the ocean.


Getting there

Cayo Levisa is only accessible by ferry from Palma Rubia - making three trips (to and fro) a day for approximately US $3 per person.

Cayo Coco beach

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4. Cayo Coco

Imagine receiving a postcard from the Caribbean depicting a dreamy turquoise sea, soothing white sands, and swaying palm trees in the background. If you can see yourself there, you should reserve the next flight to Cayo Coco and make those dreams come alive. Cayo Coco invites you to its natural splendor and is made for those destined for tranquility - where all you'll perceive is the sound of the crashing waves.


The added bonus to your trip is visiting the Delfinario de Cayo Coco (the dolphinarium) for the privilege of swimming with the amazing dolphins and participating in the daily aquatic show. They're open from 9 am to 6 pm, with an average cost of US $5 for adults and US $3 for children. You can also choose from various packages to accommodate your adventurous needs.


Getting there

Traveling from Havana or Varadero can turn into a 5 hour trip by car or bus to Cayo Coco - which is why taking a domestic flight is an attractive option for travelers. Cubana and Aerogaviota are the most trusted Cuban airline companies.

Playa Ancón beach near Trinidad

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5. Playa Ancón

Awaiting just 11 km from the well-known destination of Trinidad in Cuba, the refreshing Caribbean waters of Playa Ancón lure you in for a dip in any one of its many diving spots. Since Ancón is also frequented by the locals - visiting this beach will give you a look into Cuban life, interaction, and society.


Getting there

Playa Ancón can be easily reached by taxi from the main town of Trinidad, or take a bus for around US $2 and blend right in.

Written by Teresita Padrón.


Published October 2022.

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