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The Top Five Best Bakeries in Havana

People seated outside bakery in Havana

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Savor the Cuban Pastries and Desserts That will teleport your taste buds to the Caribbean!



After delighting yourself with a signature dish of exotic Cuban food, you can't help but want more. And what better way to finish your culinary experience than to add a touch of sweetness you can only find at a Cuban Bakery.


Come and sweeten up your life with gelatos, sweets, and cakes containing the signature Cuban recipes representing the island. So, let's grab a spoon and dive right in!

01. El Biky

Quality Guaranteed 

El Biky delights the public with their Cuban flan, delicious Guavaberry pastries, and the smooth taste of sweet Meringue. If you have a deeper understanding of the culinary culture of Cuba, you most likely know that Guavaberry sweets are always present in every islander's home.


Whoever has visited the island, has undoubtedly heard the street seller's cry pastelito de Guayaba a peso (Guavaberry pastries for a Peso). Guavaberry tarts tell the story of Cuban abuelas (grandma's) that ensured this treat was in every grandchild's lunch box.


We also recommend their Piña Colada tart, consisting of a vanilla sponge cake filled with a mix of pineapple and coconut, topped with a meringue garnish. If you've had the drink, you'll love the dessert!



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02. El Gelato

Delightful treats at your fingertips

If you're enjoying a Cuban summer to its fullest, do it like a local - with a permanent ice-cream cone in your hand. El Gelato is an ice cream/pastry Cuban bakery with lots of flavors to choose from and plenty of assorted candy for your sweet tooth. This is one of the preferred hangout spots for Havana's youth since they can freely enjoy custom Gelato, accompanied by tropical fan-favorite mango and Guavaberry fruits.


Did we get your mouth watering by now? Wait until you go down the menu at El Gelato and find strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla tarts - with in-house creations like the Flor Habana (Havana Flower) - a passion fruit appetizer. You can even think up your very own personalized mixes. Ready to upload new and exciting memories at this beloved location?


03. La Habanera de Aguacate

The authentic flavor of Cuban pastries.

With exclusive handmade candy and pastries, La Habanera de Aguacate brings a world of culinary innovation to the Cuban people. This candy store and bakery is a recent addition to the capital city area where everyone wants to go. Apart from an efficient and friendly staff, they have an excellent Instagram worth design - adding to the experience.


La Habanera is characterized by its take on appetizing mini dessert recipes, like the toasted milk mini tartelette.  Cuban style, of course. Prepared with pre-cooked condensed milk, as in the case of many Caribbean islands, which have different names to describe this tartelette, like El Fanguito.


04. Montefreddo

A place you simply must go back to. 

On this scrumptious journey, we would now like to take you to one of our favorite local spots of Havana, the Montefreddo Bakery. This location produces large amounts of varied craft cakes - adding their own versions of international delectables like the chocolate Eclair, with surprising and elaborate Cuban fruit creations.


There's really nothing better than to savor the exclusive flavors of the island. So, come on down to Montefreddo's, and don't take our word for it. You've got to try it yourself.


05. El Arca de Noe

The most enjoyable desserts for any taste. 

Let's close on a high note! If you enjoy trying new and mixed flavors, and perhaps have some select Cuban coffee with your cake or tart, you've found your place in Arca de Noe. This attractive bakery in Vedado is known to set itself apart by its experience and elaborate national and international recipes.


The Arca's prestige dates back to the 1950s when it first opened its doors in Havana. Now in modern Cuba, the bakery has evolved to offer a special menu that no palette can escape - from the famous Señoritas de Chocolate o Vainilla (flaky chocolate or vanilla custard pastry) to the desirable tropical Fruit Pizzas.



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Written by Teresita Padrón.


Published October 2022.

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