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Travel to Cuba in May

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Take advantage of the Delectable May Weather in Cuba

May in Cuba is the perfect time to get in touch with Cuban culture in all of its diversity. A month full of the leading festivals, holidays, and enjoyable summer things to do in Cuba, like exploring the dynamic coral reefs of the Caribbean sea, where Cuba's marine fauna flourishes.

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Cuban Weather in May

May possesses an excellent transitioning climate of Cuba, from the warmth of spring to the tropical summer heat - with average temperatures oscillating between 23°C and 30°C. Furthermore, this month has always presented a good portion of rain in the region, from 41 to 94 millimeters, resulting in cool yet humid weather in Cuba.


The average humidity can vary and reach up to 80% in some cases - so dressing in light fabrics would be ideal. But don't worry about sweltering heat because the average wind speed in May is around 18.1 km/h to 16. 2 km/h, just enough to neutralize any uncomfortably hot weather.

May Special Events and Festivals in Cuba

Ready to interact up close with the Cuban people? Festivals celebrated during May in Cuba are among the most packed and exciting on the island, offering the opportunity to party out in the open with artistic presentations contributing to the excellent vibes you'll feel. And if it gets a little drizzly outside, the orchestrated dance events, inaugurations, and galas are held indoors for shelter.


International Poetry Festival

At the May 3rd Festival Internacional de la Poesía, expect to delve deep into the Cuban psyche with live recitals and musical, poetic interpretations from local talent. Here, new and veteran authors present their latest literary works, with some providing lectures for the same.


KaCuba Cuban Dance Festival

At the KaCuba Dance Festival, you'll be able to participate in live Salsa, Mambo, and Son courses, where you can count on the assistance of a trained dancer to help you move those hips. Let the rhythmic music take you away with the scenic city nightscape of Havana as your backdrop.

Labor Day parade in Varadero

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May Holidays in Cuba

May Day Parade

Mayday is one of the traditional holidays in Cuba, celebrated every May 1st to coincide with international worker's day. And being a national holiday, parades with thousands of locals and visitors in attendance take place in almost every province.


Romerías de Mayo

The beautiful city of Holguin opens its doors to the nation every 3rd to 8th of May to celebrate the religious holiday of Romerias de Mayo. A pilgrimage for devoted believers of the Christian faith. But once the processions are over, the party begins: with live concerts by Cuba's most famous singers, a traditional horse and carriage parade along Avenida de Los Libertadores, and other activities. If you're a thespian at heart, you'll love the outdoor plays and poetic gatherings.


The International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia

May 17th marks the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia in Cuba, where commemorative gatherings are organized to raise awareness of the disparities of the LGBTQ+ community. In addition, outreach campaigns present books related to sexual education to open people's minds to gay and trans issues.


Día de las Madres

One of the most important days in any country, Mother's day in Cuba is celebrated every second Sunday of May in typical Caribbean fashion. Families gather to sing, dance, and pay homage to their Mamá with traditional home-cooked Cuban food and flavorful drink.


Work days off in May

The 1st of May in Cuba is the only working day off on the calendar because it's International Worker's Day.

Museo El Carnaval in Santiago de Cuba

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Places to Visit in May

Carnaval Museum

Santiago has a cool and pleasant climate, perfect for a walk through the famous city streets to Museo del Carnaval. A museum dedicated to preserving the legacy of the Cuban carnival processions, featuring the bright and colorful costumes used to bring joy to the people.


Playa Varadero Beach

Dreaming about diving in the warm waters of the Caribbean in May? Then Playa Varadero is calling your name as one of the top beach destinations in Cuba. So go for a swim or chill on the sand. Either way, Varadero is fulfilling.


Dolphin Sanctuary

Cayo Coco isn't only an extremely beautiful work of nature but also home to the top dolphin sanctuary in the region. Here you'll interact with the oceans' most intelligent mammals, which also transmit relaxing vibrations.


Leoncio Vidal Park

In central Santa Clara, the Parque Leoncio Vidal is not just a meeting spot for local Cubans but an emblem of the city's history, where the municipal band generally assembles for concerts beneath the park's rotunda.


Los Sueños Lake Park

Although this super recreational park doesn't really have a lake, it is built on the edges of a dam in the city of Camagüey. The park has over 30 sports, entertainment, and gastronomy installations - complete with a baseball field, volleyball, and gymnastics courts.

Golden hour on Havana's Malecon

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May activities in Cuba

Diving and Snorkeling

The Caribbean sea during May in Cuba reaches a spot-on temperature that marine wildlife in Cuba love. This means if you travel to a beach destination like Playa Santa Lucia, you'll be able to access the most extensive barrier reefs in the western hemisphere, budding with numerous flamboyant fish.


Deep Sea Fishing

In May, the tides are also favorable for catch and release deep-sea fishing in the Caribbean. The Hemingway International Blue Marlin Tournament, held every 23rd is the right time to do amateur or pro fishing in Cuba. But don't feel left out - there are plenty of other abundant and legal fish species to take home for dinner.


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Jogging on the Havana Boulevard

For fit travelers who like to get their jog on to start the day, the impressive Malecon de la Habana is a pleasure to run down, with the ancient colonial structures and ocean view. The simple sound and smell of the ocean breeze are enough to calm any tensions or worries and contribute to your overall physical and mental well-being. The ideal time to run is around 6 a.m. or 7 p.m., just as the sun rises or descends upon the Havana landscape.


Since you're already burning some calories, why don't you stop by the Cuban architectural marvel of the Morro-Cabaña Historic Military Park.

Traditional Cuban sandwich

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Cuban Food to try in May

Seasonal Fruits

One fruit that stands out from the rest is the ever-so-juicy Mango. They can be found across the island of Cuba and are highly desired by travelers from all over. Other sweet fruits of the approaching summer month are Guava Berries and refreshing Annonas. We recommend trying each in their milkshake form for a chilled natural delight.


Cuban dishes

As the heat begins to pick up in May, the best Cuban food to try are light snacks and dishes that go well with the May weather in Cuba:


-Cuban Pizza

-The Cuban Sub


-Tostones (fried plantain chips)

Written by Teresita Padrón.


Published December 2023.

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